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Lumiant Partners with DMW Strategic Consulting to Upgrade the Financial Advice Experience

The partnership will support advisors as they pivot toward a more memorable, impactful and deeply personal financial planning experience.

Lumiant, an advice and client engagement platform that empowers advisors to connect with clients and families around their lives, values and finances, today announced a partnership with DMW Strategic Consulting that will support advisors in creating a more memorable, meaningful and client-centric advice experience.

Specializing in practice management and customer experience solutions for the financial services industry, DMW Strategic Consulting helps advisory firms shift their focus from service to experience. The new partnership will see DMW Strategic Consulting advising firms on how best to incorporate Lumiant’s offering and augment the client experience. Further, DMW Strategic Consulting will mentor members of the Lumiant Community, providing education and development in practice management, client experience design and implementation.

Together, the two companies believe that the value of financial planning transcends the output of advice and portfolio management. The new partnership will look to develop a more robust and complete solution that supports advisors in delivering an impactful, valuable and enjoyable client experience—ultimately driving referrals, retention and revenue growth.

“Our longstanding commitment to client-centric financial planning has helped numerous advice firms to escape the sea of sameness and effects of commoditization,” said Dennis Moseley-Williams, Principal of DMW Strategic Consulting. “Although our work to date has largely centered on strategy, coaching and process improvements, we had yet to encounter a technology platform that really embraced our approach to the advice experience. When we came across Lumiant’s unique digital experience, which prioritizes life outcomes and client needs over financial returns, we were excited to team up.”

Since launching in the U.S. in May 2022, Lumiant’s award-winning advice engagement and client experience platform has been helping advisors uncover, capture and track what truly matters to clients—all while communicating their unique value proposition and delivering tailored financial advice at scale. Currently, more than 60 advisory firms use Lumiant to enhance the client experience, including one of America’s top fee-only independent RIA firms, Savant Wealth Management, and New York-based independent divorce specialist Source Financial Advisors.

“Our industry is in a significant transition period, characterized by intensified competition and product commoditization,” said Blake Wood, CEO of Lumiant U.S. “DMW Strategic Consulting understands the need for forward-thinking advisory firms to augment their value proposition, looking beyond financial outcomes to help clients lead better lives. We’re delighted to enter into this partnership, which will position advisors as the hero in their clients’ lives and support them in delivering an engaging, impactful experience.”

For more information about how Lumiant helps growing firms stand out from the crowd, increase revenues and attract new opportunities, visit and or visit The Lumiant Collective.

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