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Don't be average.
Be extraordinary.

Use science to personalize, optimize and engage clients on longevity planning.

Set a new standard of care with Lumiant's Health Analysis and Longevity Optimizer (HALO).

Engage your clients with personalized longevity models backed by our proprietary algorithms that empower clients to make more informed health, lifestyle, and financial decisions.


"HALO helps to create a personalized experience and one that is unique for each client/prospect. When creating financial plans our main focus is the individual and their personal situation which goes along with HALO."

Richard V.

Advisor in New York

HALO: plan for their life,
not an average life.

Engage prospects & clients more meaningfully on lifestyle choices

HALO provides you with an engaging digital experience that uncovers the impact of people's lifestyle choices on their legacy and longevity.


Our choices have big impacts on our ability to live our best lives. Often, it's hard for clients to imagine how the choices they make today will impact their future life, health and wealth. 

HALO offers prospects and clients greater insight into how their choices will impact their lives through. Through its engaging, digital experience, the assessment informs clients of their health risks, projected costs, and when their best years will fall. 

Working with their advisor, clients can optimize their plans, longevity and lifestyle to live an extraordinary life.


  •  Use HALO as a lead generation tool, embedding it into your website, to engage prospects beyond their finances.

  • Gain deeper insight into prospective and existing client lifestyle choices and projected longevity to deliver more personalized recommendations.

  • Engage non-financial clients with an assessment focused on life that brings greater clarity to financial decisions.

Be more than average

HALO's personalized projections remove the need to rely on averages, enabling you to offer personalized advice at scale.


HALO covers all the most statistically important risk factors that affect longevity and years of disability. The model puts a strong emphasis on family health history, lifestyle choices, and demographic factors.

By understanding your clients more deeply, there will be more opportunities to serve, engage the entire family and motivate clients to take action. Clients will also be more likely to take action, knowing the impact it will have on their lives.


  • Greater personalization of advice at scale by developing plans based on the unique life, health, and wealth requirements of clients.

  • Identify opportunities to engage the entire family in longevity planning and the care needs of the family.

  • Have more meaningful conversations that drive clients to take action by visualizing the impact of lifestyle choices on their life, health, and wealth.

Become a trusted partner for life

Imagine if your clients saw you not as a financial planner but as a trusted guide. A guide that supports clients in living life to the full and maximizing the potential of their best life.


The unexpected costs related to aged care costs and lifestyle choices are brought to life using HALO. Not only does this insight allow you to be more accurate with your client's financial projections but it also helps identify new areas for support and guidance. 

Shine a light on a client's longevity with HALO and make complex conversations about health and care easy by giving clients the tools to assess what's important to them.

  • Have more meaningful conversations around longevity, health and costs, and lifestyle choices using our Longevity Report.

  • Identify new areas to serve and guide clients in optimizing their longevity and financial plan to meet their unique needs.

  • Design and stage valuable experiences that deepen relationships with clients and position you as their guide for life.

Read our latest longevity insights

What’s in a Lumiant HALO Report?

Health Risks

See a preview of what trouble may come, so you can put together a gameplan years in advance.


Base clients’ longevity estimates on their unique health, behavior and family, not some generic actuarial table.

Projected Out-Of-Pocket Care Costs

Plan around an accurate estimate for this year, next year and every other year all the way through retirement.

Active Years

Clients are often surprised by how many healthy years they can expect in retirement.

Probability of
Living to 110

Or 95. Or 100. The longer clients live, the more money they need for retirement.

Projected Assisted Years Care Costs

Planning for these costs is only possible with a personalized estimate that accounts for health, location and inflation.

Assisted Years

Set evidence-based targets for how many years of long-term care each client needs to plan for.


HALO shows clients how lifestyle changes, like exercising regularly, can increase their longevity and give them more healthy years.

The science behind HALO

The Algorithm

Using her experience in statistics, algorithm design, data analysis, and scientific study, Emily Chang Pd.D has created a unique research-driven approach for understanding risk of disease, projecting longevity, and using that for financial planning.

Dr. Chang completed her doctoral work in theoretical, computational chemistry at Stanford, with post-doctoral work in computational genetics at Stanford Medical School. Previously, she was a health scientist at the consumer genetics company, 23andMe.

Risk Factors

HALO covers all the most statistically important risk factors that affect longevity and years of disability. The model puts a strong emphasis on family health history, including factors such as: Alzheimer’s/dementia, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer (bladder cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer), and the overall longevity of parents and grandparents.

In addition, the most important lifestyle factors (smoking, exercise, diet, alcohol consumption, BMI, and social support), as well as demographic factors like age, gender, personal health history and ethnicity, are also considered.

Data Sources

Lumiant HALO’s projections are powered by over 100 million scientifically relevant data points from more than 90 carefully-vetted and curated data sources including validated data from large studies by the CDC, the SEER Cancer database, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and Social Security Administration.

In addition, the Lumiant team has evaluated hundreds of studies in high-quality, peer-reviewed academic journals, such as The Journal of the American Medical Association and The New England Journal of Medicine, to find the best parameters for inclusion in the HALO models.

Biological Age

Biological Age is the age at which a person’s risk of disease, based on their family health history, is comparable to an average person of the same gender in the general population. For example, if a 35-year-old woman has a health history of breast cancer, her risk of breast cancer may be more comparable to a typical 45-year-old woman. The model would suggest that this woman with an elevated risk of breast cancer has a Biological Age of 45 years with respect to breast cancer.

An overall Biological Age is calculated for each person individually by taking a weighted average of the disease-specific Biological Age for each of the thirteen most common disease conditions. This Biological Age is continuously updated in preparation for the next review of a person’s financial and retirement plan.

Financial planning based on science not averages.

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