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A place for advisors and clients to call home.

Lumiant is an advice engagement & client experience platform that enables advisors to define, co-create, and guide clients to live their best lives.

A memorable, measurable, scalable, and transformational values-based advice experience.

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Designed by values-based advice professionals, Lumiant’s modules help you Define, Co-Create and Guide clients to live healthier, wealthier and wiser. Our tools enable you to deliver highly personalized advice experiences at scale and empower your clients to live their best lives. 


Our modules help transform your qualitative client conversations into quantifiable outcomes, visualizing the impact and value of your advice.

Help clients live healthier, wealthier and wiser lives through engaging client experiences.

Define a client's best life with Lumiant


Uncover what matters most to clients, capture progress
and differentiate your firm.



Interactive experiences designed to engage clients around their personalized financial plan.

Co-create a client's best life with visual financial planning software
Guide clients to live better lives with our interactive client portal


Everything you need to create, execute and track the progress of their Best Life Plan, visualizing the value of your advice.

Trusted by hundreds of
values-based advice professionals


Savant Wealth Management
Invest Blue
Freedom Financial Planning
Baypoint Wealth
Australian Private Capital
Enlightened Financial Solutions
Source Financial Advisors

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