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Great experiences
become stories we share

Dennis Moseley-Williams

Serious Shift

Dennis Moseley-Williams

“Experiences matter because humans love experiences. 
Experiences are not services. They delight us and engage us in inherently personal ways. We look forward to them and when they are happening, we are completely present. 
Most importantly: when they are over, we look back at them fondly and we TALK about them. 
Your client experience is the best marketing you can invest in because experiences become stories.
Stories that we share.”

Lumiant - Your experience toolbox that drives leads and referrals

Acquire leads through engaging digital experiences

Lumiant provides you with digital client experiences that act as lead magnets for prospective clients visiting your website. 


By filling out a simple form, clients can access Lumiant’s client experience Surveys, including Your Life and Your Values. This automatically creates a client profile on Lumiant, enabling you to engage with the client around what matters to them most. 


  • Lumiant lead magnets create an engaging digital experience for prospective clients

  • Automatically gain a deeper insight into potential clients via
    pre-populated client profiles


  • Use lead magnets in your marketing campaigns to engage prospects and better discover how you could help them

Engage the disengaged and unlock latent referral potential in your business

Finances aren’t for everyone. In fact, most find it a boring administrative task that they want no part of and disengage at the mere mention of a 401k plan. These are what we call non-financial clients.


But finances don’t have to be boring and they’re not when framed as an enabler to living your best life. 


Lumiant helps you to re-engage the disengaged by engaging clients around their lives and values, not financial performance. Once they know what they want to achieve and why they are doing it, clients are more likely to engage and take action on their financial plan. They are also more likely to tell their friends about the advisor they finally found that “got them”!


  • Free from product, Lumiant places the client, their values and goals at the heart of its experience enabling deeper conversations with non-financial clients

  • Lumiant’s experiences have been designed to give non-financial clients a voice in financial conversations

  • Turn disengaged clients into advocates by supporting them in their transformation to living their best life

Become your clients
next story

Imagine if your clients saw you not as a financial planner but as a trusted guide. A guide that provided a transformational experience that empowered them to live their best lives confidently. Now, that’s a transformation story worth sharing.


The Lumiant values-based advice process consists of a series of sequential experiences that guide client transformations. Each experience nudges your clients along their journey, from discovery through to living their best life, capturing everything you’ve worked on together along the way.


  • Surveys create small digital self-directed experiences that enable your clients to discover what really matters

  • Your Values gives you the tools to design and stage powerful, personal and transformative experiences

  • Bring greater clarity and resonance to your financial plans through visual experiences that focus on life outcomes

Increase referrals using Lumiant

Be transformational.

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