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Retain clients through generations

“Advisor satisfaction continues to track overall market performance, and this points to a systemic problem in our industry: advisor value propositions grounded in investment performance. 

Advisors cannot control the ebbs and flows of the market, but the good ones help their clients plan for their best futures and deliver value in the form of comprehensive advice that should shine through in all market conditions.


Tom Rieman

Head of Wealth Solutions at J.D. Power

Measure what matters and demonstrate your true value to clients

Decouple your value proposition from market performance

Don’t let the ebbs and flows of market performance determine client satisfaction. Link your value proposition to your impact on clients' ability to live their best lives.

Good advisors develop a plan that helps guide clients toward living their Best Life. They deliver their value through a comprehensive values-based advice experience that shines through market volatility. Illuminating their client’s path to living their best lives, no matter their obstacles.

Lumiant empowers advisors to demonstrate their value by measuring what matters to keep clients on track to living their best lives. Our platform captures, tracks, and measures metrics beyond market performance, showcasing the true value of your advice and its impact on your clients and their families' lives.

  • Our Wellbeing score enables clients to see how your advice has improved their fulfillment in life over time.

  • Your Best Life answers the age-old question, “Am I on track?” with an on-track score that visually shows the impact of trade-offs, financial scenarios, and plans.

  • Your Life, Your Values, Your Investment Preferences, and Your Goals help transform qualitative information into quantifiable outcomes.


Engage the next generation of clients

Stand out from an increasingly crowded marketplace by staging experiences that engage the next generation.

Today, financial advisors are not just competing against other advice firms for the next generation of clients. The internet has opened the door to new digital offerings, fintech apps, and finfluencers all promising to improve a client’s wealth. 

And, it’s a big market. Investors under the age of 40 are inheriting $540 billion in the US every year. They will also control three-quarters of $84 trillion in inherited wealth by 2045. 

Fidelity Research also suggests individuals under the age of 40 are investing earlier than their elders, seeking advice for the long haul and willing to pay for it. They’re also three times more likely to give referrals and would prefer to consolidate their business with a single firm.

Yet only 13% of advisors engage with their clients’ children and grandchildren. Let Lumiant support you in engaging the next generation through:


  • A highly personalized digital advice experience that engages them in defining their Values and mapping their Best Life.

  • Identify natural trigger points in their parents’ lives to engage their family by defining their household values.

  • Create an accessible, scalable advice offering, free from product, to support younger clients with less complex financial needs.

Capture everything you’ve achieved together and visualize their legacy

Bring to life the value of your advice for the entire family and visualize their life, longevity, and legacy. 

When you have performance reports as a measure of your success, it’s hard to showcase your impact on your clients and their family's lives.


That’s why Lumiant takes a holistic approach to financial planning, considering their lifestyle choices and longevity to maximize their best years. 

Even better, we capture and visualize this information so clients can fondly reflect on everything you’ve achieved together. Showcasing all their successes in their life, wealth, and health. 

  • Help clients understand how their lifestyle choices will impact their longevity so they can maximize their best years.

  • Capture and track every Goal and Task. Add videos, images, and notes to bring their dreams to life for the entire family.

  • Measure their progress towards their Best Life and their progress towards living a life aligned with their family Values.

  •  Visualize the family legacy with Your Governance and create a ‘break glass’ container in Your Vault to bring meaning to their legacy.

Engage the
whole family

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