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To empower individuals and their families to live their best lives confidently

Lumiant is an award-winning cloud-based advice and client engagement platform. It’s where clients and their advisers connect around their lives, values and finances.

The industry problems we aim to solve

At Lumiant, we see four macro trends that are disrupting the way advice is delivered. We wanted to design a platform to support advice professionals in overcoming these challenges.
Consumers trust fintech apps over wealth managers

Consumers trust fintech apps over wealth managers.

37% of consumers say a FinTech firm is their most-trusted financial services brand, compared with 33% who name a bank and 12% who say they trust a wealth management firm the most (EY). This is a global problem (Edelman)

37%  vs  12%


Wealth Manager

Consumers disengaging from financial services

Consumers disengaging from financial services.

of women said their financial advisor is incapable of connecting with them. Young investors are more likely than older generations to seek out financial help from a computer than a human.


Consumers want to align their values and finances

Consumers want to align their values and finances.

More and more people are starting to want to align their money with what they care about with a significant increase in values-based investing, such as sustainable investing, ESG, etc.


More people seeking financial advice from alternative sources.

Consumers trust fintech apps over wealth managers.

There has been a rise in consumers seeking advice from other sources, whether it be robo-advice platforms, micro-investing apps, TikTok “finfluencers” and elsewhere (NAPFA).


All of this is leading to more people disengaging from financial advice and opting for alternative solutions.

Aligning your life to your values

Why Values?

We believe values guide our actions and decisions. They shape our priorities and determine what is meaningful to us.


When we align our goals with our values, we are more likely to be motivated and engaged in pursuing those goals. If we align our finances to our values, we are empowered to achieve those goals and live our best lives confidently.

The Lumiant platform has been designed to empower your clients and their families to live their best lives confidently, by aligning their finances with their values and staging memorable, measurable, scalable and transformational personalized advice experiences.

A client-centered experience

The Lumiant platform places the client at the heart of its experience. We design for the client-first, ensuring we can support you in delivering an extraordinary experience.

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We’re invested in your success

Our vision is to transform the financial services industry. We give our customers the tools to better charge for their services with repeatable, measurable and personalized advice at scale.

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We help you help your clients

Change comes with challenges. We have the experts to support you. Whether updating your processes or articulating your new value proposition, we have the experts and training to help you succeed.

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Unashamedly client first

Our sole focus is to help more clients and their families live their best lives. We support financial professionals in shaping and sustaining extraordinary lives for their clients.

Who do we serve?


Clients use Lumiant to map and track their journey to living their best life.

Lumiant enhanced advisors


Advisors are guiding their clients on their unique journey to living their best life.


Financial firms are using Lumiant to create a repeatable, scalable and consistent advice delivery process that drives referrals, retention and revenue.

Selecting Your Values


Values experiences staged, helping clients set household values.

Goal tracking in Lumiant


Goals captured, progressed and tracked against client values.

Lumiant: Empowering people to live their best lives confidently

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