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Your Client Experience Platform

Modules that help you define, co-create and guide clients to live their best lives.

We're not like any other advice planning software. We've designed our platform specifically for your clients to live healthier, wealthier, and wiser lives.


Uncover what matters


People aren’t average. Our experiences help advisors define, personalize, and customize their clients’ best life plans using the eight dimensions of wellbeing - a model for designing a thriving life.

Our modules help advisors establish and define the relationship with the client as well as collect the client’s important information to start developing their best life plan.

Lumiant's Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing

Lead magnets and self-directed experiences that engage clients and get you the information you need.

Lumiant's discovery surveys to help you collect client data
Lumiant's Your Values module helps clients rank their top 5 values in life

Transformational experiences that empower every client to define their best life and the goals needed to achieve it.

Establish trusted relationships quickly and consistently by making the initial experience about more than money.

Lumiant's wellbeing score tracks a client's overall wellbeing
Lumiant's Your Life icon

Your Life


Your Life uses a short survey to better understand what life outcomes a client would deem a success. 

Better understand your clients and what keeps them up at night before they walk in the door.

Immediately engage the non-financial spouse by making their financial advice experience about their lives, not their wallets.

Generate leads by using the assessment as a lead magnet on your website.

Lumiant's Your Life module helps you understand what dimensions of life clients find important and their current progress


Motivate clients to take action


Co-create to motivate. Our experiences are accessible to any client, no matter their financial literacy, enhancing their engagement in the creation of their personalized financial plan.

Our modules help advisors analyze and visualize a clients unique position to develop and provide personalized recommendations.

Co-create your clients best life with interactive financial planning tools

Quickly analyze your clients' unique positions using open banking and data aggregation connections.

Lumiant helps you track financial metrics including a client's net worth and whether they are on track to live their best lif
Co-create and visualise you clients best life with our Goals and Best Life modules

Let clients interact with their plan outside of meetings with highly visual and easy to use scenario modeling tools.

Visualize the value of your advice by linking your recommendations to life outcomes rather than market performance.

Track a client's progress to living a life aligned with their values
Your Best Life

Your Best Life


A trade-off tool built for life’s turning points, not just the first three to six months of a client relationship.

Answer “Am I OK?” immediately with live projections to give clients peace of mind.


Let clients test and learn the impact of their choices and provide just-in-time advice.


Show clients the impact of your advice in real-time and simplify complex financial decisions.

* only available on Lumiant Pro subscriptions

Your Best Life visualizes whether clients are on track to live their best life and plans different financial scenarios


Keep clients engaged & on-track


Guide your client's personal transformation with a client portal designed to keep them progressing toward living their best life.

Our modules help advisors and their clients implement their financial plan with confidence. Keeping track of their progress and ensuring they continue to take action outside of client meetings.

Guide clients to live their best lives with our interactive client portal

Clients can engage and interact with their plan outside of meetings, with notifications sent to their advisor.

Notifications help nudge clients throughout the financial planning process
Your Goals tracks all the goals you are working on in one place

Clients can log on at any time to assess whether their choices will impact their ability to live their best life.

Progress scores throughout the client’s Best Life Plan mean they can always check in to see how they are doing.

Help clients see whether they are on track to live their best lives with our Best Life on track score
Best Life Plan

Your Dashboard

Continue to keep client's on track outside of meetings with Lumiant's interactive client dashboard.

Your clients can engage with their financial plan outside of meetings.


The Best Life Plan brings to life the intangible value of advice helping clients to value your services better.


A new way to collaborate and connect with clients when it matters most​.

Lumiant's client dashboard

Lumiant: Empowering people to live their best lives confidently

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