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Whitepaper: The Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing

Updated: Apr 29

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Financial advisors have traditionally focused on improving their clients' overall financial wellbeing. They guide and educate their clients about key financial concepts so they can make more informed decisions about their money, investments, and other financial matters that impact their financial security and stability.

The entire financial advice ecosystem and the financial planning software that supports it have been designed to serve this purpose—to guide clients to financial enrichment. But financial advice can be so much more than how to save for retirement or how to improve portfolio performance.

It's time to flip the script and turn the traditional advice model on its head. Transitioning from a bottoms-up approach - "How much can I afford" - to a top-down approach - "What life do I want to live."

The Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing - physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, financial, occupational, social and environmental - being portrayed on a colour wheel
The Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing

In our latest whitepaper, discover how you can better support clients in taking a top-down approach using a proven framework - the eight dimensions of wellbeing - that helps clients articulate what's important to them. Then see how you can align the services you provide to all areas of a client's life, offering you new conversation launchpads to engage and guide clients.

We believe that by addressing other areas of wellbeing beyond financial, advisors can help their clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life. With clients measuring the value of advice based on everything you've achieved together and advisors becoming their trusted guide, partner, and indispensable component of their best life.

Download the full whitepaper below. We would love to hear of other examples of how you've connected financial strategies to client values in the comments section.

The Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing Whitepaper
Download PDF • 5.79MB


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