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Lumiant Product Update: Enhancing the User Experience for Financial Advice Professionals

We're thrilled to announce several exciting updates to our leading-edge client experience financial planning software in our continuous effort to optimize the user experience and provide powerful tools for financial advice professionals. These enhancements aim to streamline workflows, maximize efficiency, and offer a more intuitive interface for advisors and clients alike.

The driving sentiment behind these changes is to ensure that the advisor feels confident in the tools they are using to support their workflow and client interactions. We want to ensure that the advisor feels:

  • That they have all of their client information at the ready

  • They can save time and energy during fact-find and onboarding for new clients

  • They are able to make updates to existing client governance data easily

  • At ease knowing they have what they need for compliance purposes for each client

Let’s dig deeper into the updates!

UI Enhancements for Improved Navigation and Efficiency

Lumiant's financial planning software now has a collapsable navigation menu

We understand the importance of utilizing screen real estate effectively while ensuring seamless navigation within Lumiant. This helps with using your time efficiently and makes leading client meetings easier. 

With that in mind, we've implemented a collapsible left navigation menu. Say goodbye to unnecessary scrolling! Our collapsible left navigation menu is now pinned to the side, providing a larger module screen area for enhanced usability. With just a click, users can expand or collapse the navigation menu, optimizing their workspace for maximum productivity.

We’ve also tidied up other areas of the platform, including the footer, to give you more space to make more efficient use of each module. 

Empowering Advisors with Simplified Governance

Understanding client's needs and providing relevant information at a glance is paramount for advisors. With our Governance module enhancements, advisors can now:

  • Customize Sections: Tailor the Governance module to fit specific client requirements by selecting or hiding different sections. This flexibility ensures that clients only access the information pertinent to their financial situation, reducing confusion and unnecessary work.

  • Client Notes Integration: Foster better communication and collaboration between advisors and clients with the addition of client notes within Governance modules. Now, clients can conveniently add notes to individual entries without overriding advisor notes, enhancing transparency and clarity in financial planning.

Enhanced Investment Management Capabilities

We've also bolstered Lumiant's investment management capabilities to provide comprehensive tracking of investment accounts. We’ve implemented the following upgrades to support these capabilities:

  • Expanded Investment Dropdown: Easily track various investment account types, including 529a (US only) and Trust accounts (US & AU), ensuring a holistic view of clients' financial portfolios.

  • Flexible Beneficiary Options: Clients can now designate beneficiaries for their investments even if they don’t have their own client account in Lumiant. This feature allows clients to enter any name, providing greater flexibility and customization in beneficiary designation.

Continued Commitment to Excellence

While we're thrilled to introduce these enhancements, we continuously strive to improve Lumiant's functionality and user experience. Our dedicated engineering team is actively addressing known issues and fine-tuning features to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience for all users.

At Lumiant, we remain committed to empowering financial advice professionals with the tools they need to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. These updates reflect our unwavering dedication to innovation, usability, and client satisfaction.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to evolve Lumiant to meet the evolving needs of the financial advice industry. Experience the future of financial planning with Lumiant today!

For more information and to explore these features firsthand, log in to your Lumiant account or contact our support team for assistance.

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