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Net Worth gets a power boost based on customer feedback

Since launching Net Worth late last year, we’ve received great customer feedback, which we wanted to bring to life in our latest release. 

Many of the changes look to improve the user experience and interface of the module. Making it easier than ever to see the client’s complete financial picture and where we are pulling the data from. 

Here’s what is new:

Integration indicators

For accounts connected through our integrations (such as Yodlee, Tamarac, or XPlan), we have added a link icon to show which accounts have a live connection.

Lumiant's linked bank accounts through Your Net Worth

Direct management

You can now directly manage the information within Net Worth by either manually adding assets or by connecting to accounts from our integrations. This means you can edit the information on this page and it will be reflected across the rest of the platform.

An image of Lumiant's Net Worth Module, showing the modal to add new assets to the client page

Engaging functionality

Enhanced the design to make Net Worth easier for clients and their advisors to read and understand. Assets and liabilities are now neatly categorized, providing a clearer picture of a client’s net worth.

Lumiant's Net Worth module

Synchronized Governance

Net Worth and Governance have now been connected, with the data synchronized across the two modules. That means if you update something in Net Worth, the changes will be reflected in Governance and vice versa. This gives advisors the flexibility to update the client’s information as they go through their advice process.

Lumiant's Net Worth module synchronizing it's data with Lumiant's Governance module

Timestamp for updates

For greater governance, we have included a timestamp that shows when the data was last updated for each asset and liability. 

Time stamp for when data in Lumiant's Net Worth module has been updated

Household filtering

So you can better see who owns what within a household, we have applied new checkbox filters for each client. This means you can see their individual net worth as well as their combined net worth.

Filters for Lumiant's Net Worth module

Enhanced downloads

From Net Worth, advisors can download and save a PDF version of the client’s net worth details, including the raw data feeds from our integrations.

Downloading Lumiant's Net Worth data

For more information about Lumiant’s Net Worth module, you can read our product guide here.

As always, we’re keen to hear from our customers on how we can improve the platform further. If there is anything else you’d like to see added to Net Worth, feel free to reach out to or leave a comment on this article below.

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