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Sneak Peak: Lumiant to hero client wellbeing with enhanced dashboard

Two people unveiling Lumiant's new dashboard for its financial planning client experience platform

With the Lumiant dashboard, we’ve always wanted to offer advisors and their clients an alternative view to portfolio performance. We want their advice to take center stage and show clients how it is helping them to live their best lives.

This means making it easier for clients to see the metrics that matter and what their next best action might be, highlighting key areas of focus.

In April last year, we took the first steps to achieve these goals by simplifying the overall design of the dashboard. This year, we’ve taken another significant step forward - rearranging and refreshing the dashboard to become the home for advisors and clients to connect around their best life plan and overall wellbeing.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the big changes.

Lumiant's dashboard which heroes the client's wellbeing score, net worth and best life score to ensure they are on track to live their best life

The client dashboard will now present clients with the most important metrics first - their wellbeing score, net worth and their best life on track score. Each of these metrics has a second card behind them to provide further insight and understanding of how these scores have been calculated and what they mean for the client.

Underneath these three key metrics are the levers clients have to improve their overall wellbeing - Life, Values, Goals, Tasks and Key Advice Areas.

Let me explain.

To improve a client's well-being, you first need to define their best life. We do this through Life and Values. Then, they need to co-create a SMART plan with their advisor through Goals and Key Advice Areas.

But a good financial strategy is only as good as its execution. So we then support clients in their execution through tasks, while monitoring their progress through Life, Values, Goals and Key Advice Areas.

Lumiant's client experience dashboard which is tracking a client's Your Life Score, your Values progress, your Goals progress, your Tasks completed and Key Advice Areas progress

With the new changes, it’s now easier than ever for clients to see how they can improve their score when they log into the platform. The dashboard also becomes a key element when reviewing your clients’ financial plans and the progress they have been making in and outside of meetings.

While the other modules are not highlighted on the dashboard - such as Your Vault or Governance - they are still accessible via the left-hand navigation bar. If a module hasn’t been completed, then we have ‘empty state’ placeholders directing the required action. And, you can control which modules are displayed via client segmentation, enabling you to personalize your experience and determine what modules will determine their wellbeing.

We’re really excited about this update and believe it will satisfy client demand for better, more engaging digital experiences.


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