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Lumiant Launches The Academy to Help Upskill the Industry in Values-Based Advice

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

New Lumiant Academy aims to provide advisors with CPD-accredited courses focused on delivering extraordinary values-based client experiences.

The Lumiant Academy - a learning experience for financial advisors wanting to transition to values based advice

The Lumiant Academy is an educational initiative aimed at upskilling advisors in values-based advice. By providing comprehensive CPD-accredited courses, the Lumiant Academy empowers advisors to create extraordinary client experiences centered around their clients’ lives, values and finances.

In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, advisors must go beyond traditional transactional, product, or performance-based advice and embrace a client-centric approach.

Lumiant Academy fills this critical need by offering training that equips advisors with the tools and knowledge to create engaging experiences, build trusted relationships, and drive positive client outcomes. By elevating emotional intelligence and helping advisors connect authentically with their clients, Lumiant Academy paves the way for advisors to unlock additional growth opportunities and increase revenues.

"Lumiant has what is needed to shift the financial planning process to human-first." Ross - Academy Graduate

The Lumiant Academy is available to all financial professionals in Australia and the United States.

The first course available in the Academy - The Lumiant Advice Experience - sets the foundations for financial advisors to create a values-based advice experience, based on Lumiant’s best-practice advice process.

The course has been accredited for:

Sue Viskovic, CEO of Elixir Consulting and board member of Lumiant, who reviewed the training portal, believes the Lumiant Advice Experience is what great advice is all about.

“The Lumiant Advice Experience is a phenomenal course that will help to continue to advance the financial advice industry in Australia. No longer will advisors need to ‘wing it’ or rely on guesswork when connecting and engaging clients around their values. They now have a process they can follow that brings to life what clients want to achieve in life through an elevated client experience that truly guides clients to live their best lives,” said Viskovic.

The course has been developed using adult learning principles, meaning it is filled with real-world learning examples, the opportunity to self-guide and practice, and plenty of takeaways that advisors can implement immediately in their practice.

Lumiant’s co-founder, Chris Dadej, believes the Academy is essential in helping advisors make the most effective use of their technology stack to empower their client experiences.

“It is not technology that will define your advice process and experience. It’s just an enabler that should support your team in creating their ideal advice experience. The Academy acknowledges this fact. It has been designed to help advisors and their firms define their client experience and appropriately determine what tech is needed at what step,” he said. “At the end of the day, we want the whole industry to flourish so that more people around the world are empowered to live their best possible lives. But, to do that, we need to support as many advisors in attaining skills that can’t be delivered through technology alone. We want to help fill that void and provide the training, processes and resources, as well as the technology, to position the advisor as the client’s trusted guide for life.”

With lots of training resources available for technical learning, the Lumiant Academy aims to offer resources for advisors to hone their EQ and soft skills to have deeper conversations with clients. Skills often acquired through experience and passed on by principal advisors, who have less and less time to appropriately train the next generation.

The Lumiant Academy was developed by Lumiant’s Head of Product and host of Lumiant Live, Mark Akeroyd, and his team who sees it as a critical tool to help advisors more swiftly transition to client-centric value propositions.

“Transitioning from a traditional advice process to a values-based approach is hard. It’s hard to know where to start and how to apply these principles to elevate your proposition from delivering services to creating experiences. We wanted to offer advisors real practical examples that help them to take the first steps in transforming their client value proposition,” said Akeroyd. “That's why we've championed guides and videos that exemplify the conversation and behavioral and soft skills required to create extraordinary advice experiences. Through our self-paced learning platform, we hope we can also lighten some of the load on principal advisors in passing on their wealth of learned experience in a systemized way.”

Image showing the steps to enroll in Lumiant's Advice Experience course for financial advisors via its advice engagement financial planning software

To enroll in the course, customers can access it via single sign-on through the Lumiant platform, or you can register directly here.

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