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Advice Engagement Platform Lumiant Announces Partnership with Concourse Financial Group Securities

CFGS’ 450 financial professionals will now be able to incorporate Lumiant’s award-winning platform and solutions to drive extraordinary client experiences and outcomes

Concourse and Lumiant sign partnership agreement

Lumiant, an advice and client engagement platform that empowers financial professionals to connect with clients and families around their lives, values, and finances, today announced a strategic partnership with Birmingham, Ala.-based Concourse Financial Group Securities (CFGS), a single destination for holistic planning support for growth-oriented financial professionals who want to take their practices to the next level.

Together, Lumiant and CFGS will support advice firms in growing their businesses. They aim to achieve this by creating memorable, scalable, client-centred experiences and evolving the financial professional-client relationship beyond its historically transactional nature.

“Lumiant’s financial technology platform is the new paradigm in client experience,” said Libet Anderson, CIMA®, president of CFGS. “By incorporating their life-based planning approach into our robust ecosystem, we can better support our financial professionals in aligning clients’ unique needs with the appropriate solutions, helping them along their paths of financial wellness and life success.”

With a focus on the complete financial situation of clients, CFGS offers scalable solutions designed to meet the many needs of today's clients, who are living longer and navigating a more complex and expensive retirement than ever before. Lumiant’s recent acquisition of Genivity, a longevity and health planning solution, helps financial professionals level up their service via personalized advice that considers the impact of each client's choices on their lifestyle, longevity, and legacy.

Blake Wood, Lumiant’s U.S. CEO, added, “The CFGS team knows the value of a financial professional and the value of a financial plan is the journey they embark on with their clients, once all the portfolio and planning aspects have been addressed. We are excited to provide holistic planning solutions that address the whole person and their whole life, so CFGS financial professionals can help their clients live their best lives.”

For more information about how Lumiant helps advisory firms to differentiate their offerings, increase referrals, and drive revenue while fostering multi-generational relationships, visit or contact

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