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Episode 2: Into The Lumiverse - Healthy. Wealthy. Wise.

Healthy. Wealthy. Wise.

That’s the topic of this month’s Into the Lumiverse, where Mark Akeroyd is joined by Dennis Moseley-Williams and Tom Frisby at Serious Shift to discuss the big shifts in the financial advice industry.

In this episode the trio cover:

  • Why health matters in financial planning and how Lumiant's HALO tool helps advisors engage clients around elder care costs.

  • How the definition of wealthy is changing and you cannot assume it's just the accumulation of money

  • What does wise mean in the client context and how does it provide them with the confidence to live their best life

  • How a client proposition built around making them healthy, wealthy and wise can unlock new opportunities for your business

If you’d like to learn more about Lumiant’s new HALO tool visit

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