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Episode 1: Into The Lumiverse

Updated: Jan 16

In the inaugural “Into the Lumiverse”, Mark, Dennis and Tom tackle 3 topical issues and give their views for the advice community to take back to their practices.

Topic 1: Investor satisfaction in lockstep with market performance

A Recent JD Power Investor Satisfaction survey finds “Lack of Comprehensive Advice and Personalized Financial Planning Leaves Wealth Managers Stuck in Co-Dependent Relationship with Market Returns”

Topic 2: Disconnect between advisor and client perceptions

In a dramatic shift over the last 15 years, financial planners think far more highly of their abilities to understand their clients than their clients do, according to a new Financial Planning Association study.

Topic 3: I'm not a Life Coach

“I’m not a life coach”. How far should an advice professional be going into understanding their client’s lives.

We hope you enjoy the discussion and, as always, let us know what you think in the comments!



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