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Enhancing the Your Life and Your Values user experience

We want to make it easier for you to see how clients are progressing along their journey with Lumiant. So, we’ve added new information boxes on the Household workbench and the client view of Your Life and Your Values.

These new information boxes provide you with updates on when their client last view the Your Life or Your Values surveys and what step in the survey they left on.

The aim is to keep you informed with how clients are progressing, giving you the opportunity to provide support if they get stuck or keep them accountable.

Additionally, you can now launch Your Life and Your Values surveys and a Values session directly from the client modules. This enables you to engage your clients without having to navigate back to the workbench.

For your clients, we’ve implemented an enhancement that enables them to pick up their surveys where they left off. So, if they are halfway through a survey and need to come back to it, it will remember their entries and start from the page they left from.

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