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Don’t be the next headline: Here are 5 tips to enhance your data security with Lumiant

“You’ve been hacked” is the last thing anyone wants to hear, which is why we take cyber security very seriously at Lumiant.

We know data security is of paramount importance to your clients, particularly as more businesses make the headlines for data breaches. To reduce the risk of a data breach, we have put in place secure technologies, security protocols and procedures to ensure your client data remains safe in our platform.

However, as our platform is yours, we realize it is you that needs to provide the assurance to your clients. So we wanted to give you five top tips to help you provide peace of mind to clients that their data is safe.

1. Make sure your security policy is available on your website

First and foremost, make sure your security policy is available on your website. We have ours linked in the footer of our website to enable our customers to review at any time.

2. Create a log-in button on your website to reduce link sharing

The number one security threat is phishing attacks. This is where a nefarious actor places a link or attachment in an email, with the aim of getting their victims to click or download it, which then executes the hidden malware code. Clients are becoming increasingly wary of email attachments and links.

As such, we recommend creating a client login on your website. You will then be able to direct people to your website to log in rather than share a link. Clients will feel more comfortable logging in this way and confident that their information remains secure as it is behind a secure login portal.

3. Use Two-factor authentication

We use two-factor authentication to increase our security. Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password. See how you can enable Two-factor authentication on your Lumiant site here.

4. Use Your Vault for important docs

For documents and attachments, make sure you get clients to upload and share these documents in our secure Vault. This will reduce the need to share attachments over email and reduce the risk of phishing attacks. You can also upload documents for clients to access via the Vault.

5. Collect and connect your financial data using open banking in Your Wealth

Rather than sharing and collecting sensitive financial information in documents and across email, we recommend you have clients connect their financial data feeds using Your Wealth. We have integrated with Yodlee to provide you with secure open banking connections ensuring your client's data remains safe. If you would like more information on the security with Yodlee, you can also check out our Yodlee partnership webinar or read our Your Wealth - Your banking data & security article.

Data security will remain a concern for clients but ensuring they do less over email and more in-platform, logged-in using 2FA, the more secure their data will be. Should you have any other questions or concerns about data security, contact your customer success manager.

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