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Key Advice Areas - You asked. We listened.

We only launched Key Advice Areas earlier this year, and following some great feedback from our customers, we’ve recently updated the module. Special thanks to Albert Delaney and Elliot, Australian Private Capital, Enlightened Financial Solutions, and Treysta Wealth Management for their input on this update!

What’s changing?

An image of the Overview section in Lumiant's Key Advice Areas module, showing the strategies that require immediate action, are overdue for check up or are in good health. Two financial advisors are looking at the results

Next week, we’ll be introducing a new Overview section. This new section provides a progress snapshot of the Key Advice Areas you are working on with your client. The snapshot is categorized into three areas:

  • Requires immediate action - for Key Advice Areas with progress scores under 60%

  • Overdue a checkup - for scores between 60 - 89%

  • Clean bill of health - for everything 90% and above

Each Key Advice Area tile also shows the strategies that have been implemented and are now sorted by percent complete by default.

The Overview is also displayed as a widget on the client dashboard for an easy at-a-glance view of the priority action items. Clients will also be able to see the summary on their dashboard and access Key Advice Areas, so they can understand what the strategy means to their overall plan and the value you are providing.

An image displaying the sort options for Key Advice Areas in Lumiant's financial planning software with a woman pointing at Tasks (most to least)

You also asked to be able to sort the Key Advice Areas in order to better understand priority areas. With that in mind, we’ve added a dropdown sort function that allows you to sort by:

  • Progress

  • Number of strategies linked

  • Number of goals linked

  • Number of tasks linked

An image showing the Key Advice Areas strategy fields in Lumiant's financial planning software, with new date fields and amount field being pointed to by a female financial advisor

Lastly, we’ve added start and end dates, as well as amounts within the strategy details modal. This is particularly useful for time boxing and compliance, providing you and your clients with a record of what needs to be completed and by when.

Key Advice Areas is quickly becoming the strategic hub of Lumiant.

Where you can walk your client through the advice areas you’re working on (and just as importantly, which you are not). Discuss the financial strategies that will help clients progress in those areas. And, see the values, goals, and tasks that are linked to those strategies that will empower clients to live their best lives.

The best bit: Key Advice Areas will become the module that demonstrates your value, different service offerings, and advice expertise visually to the client.

Let us know what you think of the changes below. And as always, please keep submitting your feedback for the platform and how we can make it better.

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