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Your client-centric toolbox

Modules that help you discover, progress, track & measure the impact of your advice.

We're not like any other advice planning software. We've designed our platform specifically for your clients to better discover, collect and deliver meaningful experiences.

1. Discovery & Progress

Uncover what matters


Lumiant’s Discovery and Progress modules provide a proven process to deepen client relationships with memorable, guided experiences.


By better understanding what living their best life truly means to your clients, advisors can create highly personalized financial plans that empower and motivate clients to take action. 

Your Life mar 23.png

Your Life

Don’t let your first engagement be about money, compliance or product. Let it be about a client’s life! 

Your Life uses a short survey to better understand what life outcomes a client would deem a success. 

Designed to use “fast-brain” thinking, Your Life creates an emotional connection with clients from the outset and identifies what motivates them in life.

The self-assessment tool helps you to:

  • Better understand your clients and what keeps them up at night before they walk in the door

  • Immediately engage the non-financial spouse by making their financial advice experience about their lives, not their wallets

  • Generate leads by using the assessment as a lead magnet on your website

Your Life.webp
Ranking values female.png

Your Values

Discovery doesn’t have to be boring. Have some fun while deeply getting to know your clients.


Your Values stack the cards in your client's favor by taking them through a deep-dive activity aimed at understanding what they truly value in life. 


The interactive experience helps you to:

  • Really get to know your clients and build trust immediately. The client sells you!

  • Gives both clients a voice in planning their best lives

  • Increase referrals with a unique experience that differentiates your firm.

  • Deliver a measurable and repeatable process that anyone in your firm can deliver, creating a process that’s not people-dependent.

Your Values.webp
Exercise Goals.png

Your Goals

It’s time we let clients tell us what they really want, not what the brochure tells them they need.

Your Goals is a SMART way for advisers and clients to set and track goals. Turn ideas into actions and celebrate the successes as you help your clients live their Best Life. 

The goal tracker helps you to:


  • Get clients to add, edit and update their goals, keeping you informed of life events

  • Track both financial and non-financial goals and become a client’s accountability partner for life

  • Uncover more goals and new opportunities to serve your clients

  • Hero all the Goals you have achieved together!

Your Goals.webp
Your Investment Preferences.png

Your Investment Preferences

Don’t let compliance masquerade as personalization. Let your clients educate themselves and inform you of their personal preferences.


Investment Preferences is a highly personalized risk tolerance experience that gets to the heart of how clients want to invest. Using a series of videos, clients are educated on key investment principles and work with their advisors to make investment decisions aligned with their preferences confidently.

Investment preferences help you to:​

  • Receive informed consent from clients on their investment preferences

  • Easily meet compliance requirements with choices captured and documented

  • Engage the non-financial spouse on investment decisions

Your Investment Preferences.webp

2. Data Collection

Tech-driven data acquisition tools to better understand your client’s position


Understand your clients' unique position using our technology-driven data acquisition modules.

Our tech-driven data acquisition tools create a more engaging and efficient process for collecting client data. Where we can, we automate data collection through technology like Open Banking. The rest we collect using self-directed client experiences to capture information quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Your Wealth 2.png

Your Wealth

No more tedious financial forms for clients. They can connect and input their assets, accounts, and liabilities directly into Lumiant with live data feeds.

Automate financial data collection and aggregation of a client’s net position with Your Wealth. Helping you build the real picture of the family’s net wealth. Giving you the information you need to help clients make confident decisions in relation to their financial position. 

This simpler way to get financial information from your clients helps you to:


  • Reduce time spent chasing and compiling tedious financial fact-finding forms for clients

  • See a complete view of a family’s net wealth and help them make better financial decisions

  • Power your projections with live financial data and bring confidence to your plan

Your Wealth.webp
Your Governance in screen.png

Your Governance

Bring your client data to life with engaging visuals that give you a complete picture of a client’s scenario.

Your Governance brings all your important hard data gathered across Lumiant’s different modules into one central place. It then provides a visual representation and single view of all key personal and financial details that can be shared between the client and advisor to plan their best life accurately.

Your Governance will enable you to capture:

  • A visual family tree enables clients to record the details of their important family members

  • Tax structures for a client’s company, SMSF, Trust, or other external entities

  • Income, expenses, assets and liabilities

  • Insurances, including both life and general insurance

  • Estate planning, such as your clients’ wills

Your Governance.webp
Your Vault2.png

Your Vault

It’s time to ditch the email and start sharing sensitive documents safely and securely using Your Vault.

Your Vault is Lumiant’s digital financial filing cabinet that keeps all your sensitive documents safe and easily shareable. 

Our aim with Your Vault is to enable clients to record, store, and action their legacy. It will go beyond document storage and support advisors with estate planning for clients.

Lumiant’s secure digital filing cabinet helps you to:


  • Create a “break glass” container consisting of everything that’s essential to the client in one place

  • Enable clients to record, store and action their legacy

  • Securely store, share and action financial documents easily with clients

Your Vault.webp
Originations select.png


It’s time to upgrade your discovery and data collection process that lets your clients take the driving seat.

The traditional data collection experience in financial services is tedious at best. Our client activities launched via Surveys removes the need for advisors to collect information in meetings by creating a purely digital experience for client communications, surveys and insight, which can be completed from anywhere on any device.

Surveys will be a game changer for the client experience by allowing you to:

  • Spend more time in meetings unpacking what’s important to clients, ensuring your time with clients is more meaningful, engaging and impactful

  • Allow clients to provide their details at a pace and cadence that suits them best

  • Automatically populate the Lumiant modules, reducing double entry and increasing efficiency​

3. Advice Engagement

Bring your advice to life

Our advice engagement modules have been designed to support you in engaging your clients around their plans, ensuring they remain on track to living their best life.


Our Best Life engine provides you with the calculations and visuals to show clients whether they are on track, while our other modules support you in executing the plan in partnership with clients. 

Your Best Life V2.png

Your Best Life

A trade-off tool built for life’s turning points, not just the first three to six months of a client relationship.


Lumiant’s multi-goal optimization engine, with Monte Carlo simulations, does just that. It enables you and your clients to scenario plan, model and anchor your experience in their best life. 

Clients can immediately see if they’re on track, underfunded or overfunded helping them to make better, more informed life decisions. 

The multi-goal optimization engine helps you to:

  • Answer “Am I Ok?” immediately with live projections to give clients peace of mind

  • Let clients test and learn the impact of their choices and provide just-in-time advice

  • Show clients the impact of your advice in real-time and simplify complex financial decisions

Your Best Life.webp
Key Advice Areas.png

Key Advice Areas



Show your clients the focus areas you can work with them on to achieve their values and goals.


Lumiant’s Key Advice areas is the next natural extension of our end-to-end client engagement workflow.  It allows you to detail different strategies for clients to live a life aligned with their values and achieve their goals, showing them how you will implement their best life plan.

Key Advice Areas will enable you to:

  • Activate 12 pre-defined Key Advice Areas against their plan and the strategies needed to achieve their goals and dreams

  • Show your clients exactly what you’re working on together and what other services they might be interested in later down the line

  • Customize your business's Key Advice Areas and strategies to keep your terminology consistent throughout your experience and across your staff.

Key Advice Areas.webp
Your Tasks.png

Your Tasks

Stop chasing clients to complete tasks and let us do the hard yards for you.

With Lumiant, you can now capture and track both your and your clients’ tasks. Notifications, nudges and reminders keep everyone on track. While To Do, Doing and Done, settings ensure you can track your progress while affording the client the opportunity to manage their life and help them to live the life they’ve always dreamt of. 

Let Lumiant’s task manager help you to:


  • Easily set and track tasks to help everyone stay on top of the jobs to be done

  • Automate the follow-up by letting Lumiant remind and notify clients of upcoming actions

  • Showcase the value of advice and the work accomplished in partnership with clients

Your Tasks.webp
Best Life Plan.png

Your Best Life Plan

Giving clients and advisers a place to log in and see how they are going towards living their best life, anytime and anywhere!

Your Best Life Plan is Lumiant’s client experience portal. It brings to life the extraordinary conversations you have with your clients. Demonstrating the intangible value of advice by making it quantifiable, easy to understand, and engaging.

The Best Life Plan is also available as a high-fidelity PDF export that can be shared with clients after a meeting at the click of a button.

Lumiant’s online and offline client portal helps you to:

  • Your clients can engage with their financial plan outside of meetings

  • The Best Life Plan brings to life the intangible value of advice helping clients to value your services better

  • A new way to collaborate and connect with clients when it matters most​

Your Best Life Plan.webp

Subscriptions to suit
your needs

Whether you want to use Lumiant to enhance your discovery or for its complete experience suite, we have the subscriptions to meet your needs.

Lumiant Starter


Per month

Everything you need for lead gen, discovery, engaging conversations & tracking progress.

Lumiant Pro


Per month

For the end-to-end Lumiant client experience suite including advice delivery.



Per month

For firms with more than 25 advisors, complex needs or bespoke training plans.

Lumiant: Empowering people to live their best lives confidently

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