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Lumiant x Genivity

With Blake Wood and Heather Holmes

Blake Wood

Blake Wood


Heather Holmes

Heather Holmes

Chief Evangelist Officer


Have you heard? Lumiant recently acquired Genivity, a longevity and care cost planning tool that sets a new standard of care for clients. 

Join us at 1pm CT on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 and hear from Blake Wood, US CEO at Lumiant, and Heather Holmes, founder of Genivity and Chief Evangelist Office at Lumiant, as they discuss:

  • Why Lumiant acquired Genivity and its role in the Lumiant advice engagement platform

  • How you can go beyond averages and start creating personalized timelines for clients with HALO

  • What you can expect as we integrate Genivity into Lumiant

  • HALO pricing and availability

HALO is now available to all of Lumiant's U.S. customers for an additional monthly fee. HALO will be made available in Australia and New Zealand in due course.


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