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Lumiant subscriptions to suit your needs


  • 80 active households per user

  • $50 / support staff per month

  • $500 for whitelabelling

  • Save with longer subscriptions


  • Engaging client surveys and assessments on life, wealth & health.

  • Generate leads with lead magnets that engage and nurture prospective clients.

  • A unique, measurable, memorable and scalable values-based experience.

  • Transform qualitative conversations into memorable experiences with quantifiable outcomes.

  • Get clients to add, edit and update their SMART goals tracker.

  • Let clients keep track of progress through our visual client portal that highlights the value of your advice based on life outcomes.

  • Spend more time talking to clients about what’s important to them using our self-directed and automated fact-finding tools.

  • Track their overall wellbeing decoupling the value of advice from portfolio performance.

Lumiant Starter


Per month per user

Everything you need for lead gen, discovery, engaging conversations & tracking progress.


Everything in Starter plus:

  • Additional customer success support

  • Access to all new features

  • Additional modules for advice delivery


Everything in Starter plus:

  • Open banking and data aggregation connections.

  • A complete view of a family’s net wealth.

  • Engaging visuals that give you a complete picture of a client’s scenario.

  • Securely store, share and action financial documents, removing the need to send sensitive documents over email.

  • Access to Lumiant’s multi-goal optimization engine that analyzes your clients goals and finances to immediately see if clients are on track, off track or overfunded.

  • Let clients test and learn the impact of their choices and trade-off decisions using our scenario planning tool.

  • Activate 12 pre-defined strategies and create your own to show clients exactly what you’re working on.

  • Engage clients around your other services, naturally finding cross-sell and upsell opportunities

  • Automate nudges and notifications keep clients on track and save you time by removing the need to chase clients.

Lumiant Pro


Per month per user

For the end-to-end Lumiant client experience suite including advice delivery.


Everything in Professional plus:

  • Bespoke onboarding*

  • Implementation support & training

  • Whitelabelling

  • Configuration support

  • Customized scope of work to meet your needs*


Everything in Professional plus:

  • Provide your team with a consistent, memorable, meaningful and transformational values-based experience.

  • Transition your client value proposition from financial enrichment to life enrichment. 

  • Deliver profoundly personal advice at scale using our proven processes and experiences.

  • Upskill staff quickly by providing a simple-to-follow process that enhances their Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

  • Configure Lumiant to meet your needs, with the ability to create a phased roll-out approach to improve staff engagement*.

  • Create your bespoke Lumiant-enhanced advice experience using our training, coaching and experience design services*.

*Additional costs may be associated with these services.



Per month per user

For firms with more than 25 advisors, complex needs or bespoke training plans.

HALO subscriptions that grow with you

What's included

  • Designed for smaller firms (1-3 advisors) 

  • Unlimited use of the HALO Planner

  • Software embedded directly on your website

  • Comprehensive training and onboarding support 

  • Marketing resources and client blog content

HALO Standard

from $109

Per month

For companies looking to better personalize client financial plans with longevity and care costs.

What's included

  • Designed for large firms wanting to personalize at scale

  • Pricing based on usage, starting at $450 per month - only pay for what is used

  • Software embedded directly on your website

  • Comprehensive training and onboarding support 

  • Marketing resources and client blog content

  • Dedicated customer success support

HALO Scale

from $450

Per month

Minimize risk with tiered usage based pricing to help you personalize at scale.

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