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The Transformational Advice Experience for Your Clients and Your Firm

It’s no longer enough to rely on your technical expertise and financial performance to win and retain new clients. These are just hygiene factors in an increasingly commoditized financial services industry. Now firms must go beyond financial enrichment and become the guide and coach for clients to achieve contentment in life.

Join LibertyFi and Lumiant on Tuesday, June 13th, 2023 at 2 pm CT as we speak with certified experience economy expert, Dennis Moseley-Williams, on how advisors can create more value for clients and revenue for their practice by guiding clients to achieve their non-financial aspirations beyond their financial goals.

According to Dennis, financial services are fungible and commoditized. The market is crowded, and advisors need help to stand out. The solution to commoditization is customization. Service is what a client needs, experience is what the client appreciates, and the consequence -- who you help them become -- is why they introduce new clients.

A new kind of work is required and very much in demand. While the assigned, functional piece of financial planning is essential, even more critical (and more engaging) is the required work of partnering with your clients and empowering to them live a life less ordinary.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why a focus on financial products and services will lose your business, revenue, and clients.

  • Why non-financial aspirations, not financial goals will drive better client experiences that differentiate your firm.

  • How to design and stage client experiences that drive referrals, retention, and revenue by empowering clients to discover, track and live their best lives.

The future of financial advice isn't only financial. Integrate all financial solutions, assume a partnership position in your client's life, and support them through economic and aspirational planning.

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